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The Changes In Google Affecting Internet Marketing

Google’s changes in its search algorithm have redefined Internet marketing in 2012. On one end, it has brought about positive changes. It has given the right impact on the quality of the searches done within Google. However, Internet marketers were left scampering to modify their business in order to align with the changes.
Google became a tech giant that it is today because of its success in bringing about a robust search engine platform. The performance of Google’s search engine surpasses any other competitor in the search engine space. In fact, the word Google has become a verb in the English language. This is a testament to the impact of Google not just for Internet marketing but to everyone’s lives.
In 2012, Google had an algorithm change that was a game changer. As search engine optimization became an industry based on previous algorithm, most of the searches were downright trash. The lack of quality content paired with over-optimized keywords led to useless information but still performed well in Google’s rankings.

The Penguin update is Google’s “take that” response to the “manipulation” of search engine results. Google had to fight back in order to maintain the quality of its search engine. Without the change Google is standing on the verge of irrelevance and could decide the outcome of its future fate.
The Impact
Google rolled out the changes in the algorithm around April 2012. The changes made an impact mostly on SEO vendors and Internet marketers that rely on keywords. Suddenly legitimate SEO practices have become useless. Well, at least without some adjustments, that is. Internet marketers have struggled a bit to align with the changes, at least 50 of them according to Google’s blog, and they have been working doubly hard at it.
Large SEO and Internet marketers are able to cope well with the changes, but it is the small and medium enterprises that were badly hit with the initial wave of changes. Without realignment, conventional SEO and Internet marketing practices are no longer will work.
The Remedy
What can be done with the changes? It is important that as costs of Internet marketing increase hiring experts may no longer be viable for small and medium businesses. It is important that internally, small businesses are also able to do Internet marketing on their own. They need to allow themselves to make a paradigm shift from search engine optimization towards social media marketing and email marketing. This way they are able to spread out their marketing budget and spread out the marketing mix.
Learning techniques can greatly benefit owners of small and medium businesses because they are able to churn out more quality content which will ultimately benefit the customers. Newer approaches to Internet marketing augurs well for the entire community because as the content improves so too the legitimacy and the relevance.
Investment in training is important making sure that the changes within are implemented so that content gets more quality making everything on the Internet worthwhile. Only time can tell if the investment made is worth the costs.

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