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Improved Search Engine Rankings Strategies

Many ask me if SEO is a new science or mathematical discipline. Absolutely not, SEO is an art. That’s why you have the same odds to be successful in SEO like me or like anyone else.

Yet, there are some improved search engine rankings strategies that you may use to get higher search engine ranks. I can not assure those strategies will always work but they may certainly help get into the big guys game. Let me describe a few of them:

1. “Links, links, links” – Even more important than the famous Donald Trumps’ “Location, location, location”.

You must set a network of as many quality links to your website as you can get. What are those quality links, you ask?

Quality links are links to your website from other sites with a competitive key phrase in the hyper link text, linked to different pages in your web site from sites with high search engine rankings.
You can build links with many like strategies such as affiliate marketing, exchanging links, articles submitting and others.

2. Be natural – Search engines like natural behavior. The days of quick make money internet marketing cd are gone.

You will have to add pages and build links gradually and consistently. You must be patient to get higher search engine ranks.

3. Benchmark and audit – There is only one thing in common for all the SEO experts. They all learn from their mistakes. Each of them has his own techniques of auditing and benchmarking.

You could never stop researching and developing. Indeed, the internet market is almost endless. Yet, so is the number of potential competitors.

Personally, I have a set of auditing, researching and developing actions I do each month for each of my sites. Surprisingly, it works.

Finally, you may use some tools to make things easier for you – from meta tags optimization services to article submitting services. Yet, those services cost money. I suggest you start doing the hard work by your self and slowly outsource some of the work. Good luck.

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